A 2 day seminar by bill hang

Can Orthodontics Cause OSA?
Cure OSA? Or Both?

Get more out of Brackets, Aligners & Appliances with our interdisciplinary approach to broader smiles, improved airways & healthier patients.

About the Seminar

2-Day Teen/Adult Ortho Seminar Now Available in Streaming Video

Having practiced non-retractive, airway-friendly orthodontics for over 30 years, Dr William M Hang outlines in this lecture both the reasons and the techniques for treatments which optimize facial balance and airway health. 

Invited speakers add expertise for the interdisciplinary approach often needed in complex cases as well as ways to let the public know about our services.

Who is this seminar for?

Wondering whether you should watch this seminar?

Orthodontists who...

  • Have looked critically at the faces they are producing and think there may be a better way.
  • Have taken TMJ and sleep courses and want to keep or get their patients comfortable
  • Wonder if their treatment is affecting their patients’ airways - positively or negatively.

DDS's doing TMJ and Orthodontics who...

  • Realize that pretty porcelain may mask serious functional problems.
  • Have restored people who still require CPAP or an oral appliance to treat their OSA.
  • Have wondered why their successful cases don't have scalloped tongues and their failure cases often do.

Interdisciplinary teams who...

  • Understand that no one professional has all the answers and can provide all the solutions.
  • Understand the foundation of success is helping the patient breathe and must be established before the handpiece is used.
  • Need to know about other modalities that can help them achieve the best for their patients.

What's included?

Watch from any device at any time

Buy once, watch as many times as you want. Your knowledge shouldn't expire.

Each section of the lecture is its own program

No more fast-forwarding your videos. We arranged it so you can watch exactly what you want.

All presenters included

Full presentations by all the guest lecturers are included so you don’t miss a thing.

Full resolution slides with presenter on screen

See the slides even better than at the seminar with the presenter at the lower corner of the screen.

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What you will learn...

  • The importance of the airway
  • Why people have reduced airways
  • "Science" behind and "Evidence-based" nature of traditional orthodontics
  • Airway Centric Dentistry® - what qualifies, what doesn’t
  • Effect of retraction on facial growth
  • Effect of retraction on the airway (6 articles from the referred literature)
  • You can’t expand your way out of an anteroposterior problem
  • Treating children under age 10
  • Diagnostic tools needed
  • Saving someone from extraction/retraction (doing what you may have been told cannot, or should not, be done)
  • A new syndrome (E.R.R.S.) and why you need to understand it
  • Patient reactions to retraction...in their own words
  • "Mandibular Entrapment”...how it happens...how to treat it
  • Treating Class II children over age 10 and adults without extraction/retraction or surgery
  • Opening small spaces distal to upper cuspids
  • Opening missing lateral incisor spaces
  • Mechanics of re-opening spaces (Tools)
  • Opening four bicuspid extraction spaces
  • Opening upper bicuspid extraction spaces
  • Opening spaces ineffective...surgery required
  • Opening spaces plus surgery
  • Getting the maximum width possible
  • Importance of a team approach: orthodontist, surgeon, restorative DDS, oral myologist
  • Restorative dentistry as the icing on the cake
  • Adding bicuspid teeth, spacing teeth for veneers
  • Surgery to save lives: what to do, what not to do, and why
  • Rethinking Class III treatment completely
  • 6 Keys to facial development, 10 “Commandments” for optimum airway
  • Current state of general dentistry...reason to be here
  • Dentistry as the key to optimizing health...the future...really

Meet the Speakers

William M Hang

Face Focused Orthodontics®

Can Orthodontics Cause OSA? Cure OSA? or Both?

Rob Veis DDS

CEO Space Maintainers Lab

Where Sleep Appliances End & Where Dentistry is Headed

Donald Nikchevich, Jr. DDS

Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery

The Role of Implantology in AIRWAY FOCUSED Cases

Kathleen Carson DDS

Integrative Dental Arts

The Role of Restorative Dentistry in AIRWAY FOCUSED Cases

Marc Fowler

Founder Bullseye Media

Marketing an AIRWAY FOCUSED Practice & OSA/SBD Treatments

Cyndee Johnson RDH

Founder Scaler2schedule

Turning Your Team Into An AIRWAY FOCUSED Case Acceptance Machine

Dentists Who Have Attended Dr. Hang's Courses

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